Thanks for the virtual visit.

The internet today for some, is the front lobby of the church.  We don’t want to create expectation that would bring disappointment when you visit.  Our facilities match our hearts.  They are not elaborate and neither are we.  We gratefully use everything that God has given us to minister to our congregation with the hope that our congregation will minister in turn to our various communities.

The harvest field is white ...

Sometimes we forget that the work of the church takes place in the field, not the barn.  It is important that the Church is the Church dispersed as much as it is when gathered.  Our desire is to empower, equip and release our people their workplace calling.

Are you currently a part of a faith community?

If not, we would love to be on your possibility list.  People who are in relationship with Christ, belong to His Church already regardless of where they gather.  Our business is not shuffling the saints from one gathering place to another but to work with those who make this church their home, to reach out to those who need to find Hope in Christ.

A country church with a global heart ...

He is still building His Church in us, among us and around the world.

Welcome to Landmark Online ...

Welcome to Landmark.  Our first great Love in this place is Christ Jesus.  He is the functional Head of His Church … at least that is our belief and Hope.  Our second great love is the community that surrounds us.  Many “Landmarkers” have known one another for years.  Closeness naturally develops in extended relationships that causes us to forget what it is like to walk in for the first time.  Whenever people visit our prayer is that we will be sensitive and aware of the many reasons that bring people to a new church or to church for the first time.

Some simply visit a webpage or a worship service to observe and make a decision about the kind of church that they want to attend.  We hope that you find the cyber or personal space that you need, and clarity to make your decisions.  If you need a friend, a timely word of encouragement, a smile or perhaps a simple acknowledgement of your presence with us, then we hope that you find that as well.

Our intention is to open our arms to those who visit with us and trust that you may wish to come back again as we get to know one another better.

Church is “people”, not programs, events, buildings or budgets.  It is not a particular “brand” of believer.  Neil Cole says, “The church is a spiritual family on a mission.  In many ways it is more about what we do when we are not together than what we do when we are meeting.  Rick Warren uses the term “doing life together”

We know that we do nothing perfectly but we are a “becoming” spiritual family, learning as we go.  Every day presents new challenges and Hope.Thank you so much for joining us in cyberspace or in person.  If there is any way that we might serve you, email or call and we’ll be honored to try to assist.

Thanks for blessing us with your presence today.

— The Landmark Family